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Bdo guild weekly bonus

Housing Guild housing is available in Cities only and unlike normal housing, you do not purchase the guild house with contribution. .
Guild Galley: Maria Cannon The Maria Cannon costs 8 million silver and will give your ship AP 10, HP 1000 and can be enhanced for an increase of AP 1, HP 500 each time.
Shift W Professional 1 Swift Retreat Quickly reverse the ship S Artisan 1 Abrupt Turn Quickly turn on the spot S A/D Master 1 Smooth Turn Quickly turn whilst moving A/D Guru 1 Bullseye Shortens cannon reloading time Passive).
PVP War To declare war on another guild you will need 1,000,000 silver in the guild bank.Use whilst the ship is standing still to quickly accelerate for 8 seconds then return to the ships maximum speed.Housing, galley Ship, clan.The Legend - The Great One - The Great One - The Noble One There is an issue where Renown Score of some adventurers are shown to be higher than the actual sum and this is being looked into and fixed.This will unlock the Sailor Promotion quests which you must bingo no deposit bonus sites complete to gain the skilled contracts, increasing the worker stats.In case of sailboats, you cannot move it to areas duolingo bonus skills christmas where sailboats cannot be placed, such as riverside.
Galley Ship The Galley is a guild ship which can be used by officers or the guild master.

18/05/17 (Before weekly maintenance).Quest knowledge Fixed the quest Navigation to now work properly for the following quest: - Ancient Shrine - Code of Gahaz Bandits Icons for the following quest has been changed to fit the quest.You will keep the clan name when you upgrade to a guild and you will need to assign a contract to each of your members.Guild Activity To gain guild activity, you must have an active contract.Three traps per person can be installed.Currently, when Freezing is applied, CC count is not being applied properly so it will be changed to be counted the same way as other CC skills.The tower must then be built by workers using materials gathered by guild members.Guild war information can be seen in the guild window by pressing.This was adjusted to reduce the PvP balance differential among classes arising from Renown Score.Guild experience is required to unlock guild skills.
When guild funds are negative, any of the guilds members as well as the leader can put silver into the guild bank.