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Betonline blackjack caught cheating

In my experience, the game providers all have a difficult job.
The cheating scandal has raised numerous questions and caused a fierce debate on the Internet.They cited various reasons, but I think the major one was the adverse publicity that was about to hit with the release of the Live Dealer Cheating Video.And if it was, who was behind it the dealer himself, the live casino software or Bet Online.Summary Unless the dealer involved comes out and says what happened we will never really know what happened.However, the timing of the announcement to move suppliers by Betonline and the posting of the video on the same day, suggests that something may have been agreed or was just sas eurobonus dnb another coincidence.While BetOnline has addressed the incident and replaced the third party live dealer provider, only time will tell if this was an isolated incident or other players had been cheated too.The value of the card is only known after it has exited the shoe and been scanned.
I cant help but think that if GGL hadnt already taken that decision they might have pursued this further.
Brent Beckley fresh out of federal prison for Black Friday-related bank fraud charges had joined the online sportsbook in an undetermined capacity.

Is currently looking into the issue with help and careful cooperation from the previous Live Dealer provider, the statement said.Whatever the reasons are for Global Gaming Labs closing, Im sad that 60 people have lost their jobs and the industry has lost another Live Casino operator.On Saturday, self-described blackjack professional, michael Morgenstern posted a video to his YouTube account that appears to show a BetOnline blackjack dealer dealing the second card in a shoe to a player, then dealing what would have been the players card to himself, causing the.These amassed nearly 2 million views over a few days.BetOnline has also addressed the recorded incident in another statement, urging players to email the company if they feel theyve been affected by the actions of the dealer in question.Its a deliberate act and there is no debate that it happened.
Knowledgeable professionals are capitalizing on the chilling effect of the video to proffer such things as rfid chips tell the casino which card is where, to secret video recording devices allow an accomplice to tell the dealer in an earpiece which card is next,.
In it, the dealer seems to reach for the shoe, flick his finger a couple of times, nudge the immediate card up with his finger, snag the second card and give it to the player then deal the immediate card to himself.

After being criticized for not responding to the allegations that their live dealer was cheating, Bet Online, a very popular online casino for US residents, has released two statements thus confirming that the live dealer swapped cards intentionally and cheated while operating the game.