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Roosevelt corollary : advanced in 1905 by Theodore Roosevelt, it is more precisely identified as the roosevelt corollary to the monroe doctrine, and asserts that the United States has the right to intervene in affairs of Latin American nations whenever they are politically or economically.
Rest : see eyelid maintenance, KIP, PAC / PAC time, combat NAP; compare NO rest.
Nb: West Point (usma) was the first school to use finger-rings as a unified symbol; obtained informally from 1835, then designed by a committee in each class after 1869; after 1917, each class ring must bear the usma initials, motto, crest, eagle, saber, and other.Military tribunal, or who receives a less than honorable discharge based upon actions while serving on active duty, or whose acts do not accord with the Code of Conduct, and whose actions are documented.S.ROE : see rules OF engagement, being the procedures and restrictions on the proper conduct of a combat operation.Term derives from "recall as to recover or retrieve the descent line.Ruse DE guerre : those single, serial, or collective measures designed to mislead the enemy by manipulation, distortion, or falsification of evidence so as to induce the enemy to act or react in a manner prejudicial to its own interests; also called deception, trick, ploy.RED music : (forthcoming compare yellow music, jungle music.Lawrence völlerei poke for the emotional toll that casualties take on small groups of warriors; a psychological effect that extends in discrete ripples from its most intense to its least influence, ranging from total absorption to complete indifference.After, the unified multinational task force was restructured, named Operation Continue Hope, leading to increased tension and mismanagement within and without the UN mission, some of whom acted like co-belligerents.Westmoreland setup recondo training for each institution before authorizing the new recondo School in NhaTrang; each with a downward arrow bearing either 101-numerals or usma-letters, at which time the term "recon-do" was originally claimed to be a contraction of reconnaissance commanDO, but was later changed.
When 25 Pakistani peacekeepers were killed by Somali aggressors, the peace-enforcement role was emphasized over peace-building (ie: paramilitary disarmament, political reconciliation, and economic rehabilitation).

Also, a movable control surface attached to a vertical stabilizer, positioned at the rear of an airplane, and used, along with the ailerons, to turn the airplane; see TAB, FIN, tailboom.Phrase originated by Joseph Conrad in short story entitled "Youth" (1903 then made prominent by Theodore Roosevelt in 1910 speech entitled "Citizenship in a Republic and later popularized by Tom Wolfe's 1979 book.Cf: line camp, shelter camp Also, an allusion to a distorted or fantastic reality, especially one where the rabbits and mice have more authority than the eagles and elephants; also known as a house OF cards or cloud-cuckoo-land; such expression (eg: "into the rabbit hole".While the intended budgetary constraint of the post-VN RIF was promoted as a peace dividend, the Congressional anti-war abatements had the effect of being anti-military.Population, if the entire eastern or western power grid goes down for more than a week, the cities will rapidly become unlivable.See earth angel, KIT carson scout.V: refusenik REG : contraction of REGulation or REGulations, referring specifically to the official Army Regulations (AR) or Navy Regulations (NR but also extended to any written directive or verbal authorization, such as SOP, order, rules OF engagement (ROE laws OF WAR, ucmj, scriptures.
THE right TO BE wrong : an unambiguous God-given right of free people that's manifest in the curiosity and creativity of Americans; an inalienable freedom enjoyed by civilians that is not tolerated in soldiers and sailors and airmen, who must not only pay for their.
And no spit-and-polish unit has ever 'passed' combat." a Murphy Law of Combat ROV : Remotely Operated Vehicle, being an unmanned submersible that is piloted by remote control; almost universally nicknamed "rover".