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Bouncee trade pokemon

bouncee trade pokemon

The first Berry in a large pile is fixed.
Item Location Games PP Up In front grand casino vilnius of a small rock south of the Lush Jungle entrance and just north of the signpost, on the east side of the path (hidden) S UM Nugget In front of the western den on the first step down.
Trainers Pokémon Sun and Moon Southern half Trainer Pokémon Twins Isa and Nico Chihiro and Mihiro Reward: 360 Rising Star Duo Lauren and Justin Chiharu and Kta Reward: 1,632 After defeating all other regular Trainers on the route Reward: 720 Held item: None Zubat.17.Route 5, location, location of Route 5 in, alola.Route 5 (Japanese: Route 5 ) is a route on, alola 's, akala Island, connecting, paniola Ranch, Brooklet Hill, Lush Jungle, and, route.Pokémon Allies Games Location Levels Rate Caterpie Butterfree aterpie Butterfree S M 13-16 9 N/ 13-16 1 Lillipup ikipek rubbin omantis ile of Berries by Berry tree Crabrawler pecial Pokémon N/ 16 One Exclusively from Island Scan N/ 16 One Fr A colored background means.This article is incomplete.In large piles, the player will always find a high level Crabrawler hiding viking lotto tallene among the Berries that the player must defeat in order to collect them; small piles only occasionally have low level Crabrawler hiding among the Berries.He will also give the player a Rare Candy if they have fed certain amounts of Poké Beans to their Pokémon.
A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

The Berry pile regenerates daily.Berry pile The Berry pile can have two sizes: a small pile that yields three random Berries or a large pile that yields four to five Berries.It is quite challenging for people traveling on foot.Please feel free to edit this article to add missing information and complete.Alola, route 5, route 5 "A place of many winding paths and ledges.".After 2 trials 2,000, honey, after 2 trials 300, right cashier, uSUM Items Southern half Item Location Games Super Potion Northeast of the Paniola Ranch entrance, against a rock formation S UM Star Piece In the east, at the inward-most point of the rocky ledge's.Route description, poké Mart, left cashier, revive.
Map description, a winding route with many branching paths and ledges.

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Zygarde Cube Item Location Games Zygarde Cell On the northeast side of the Pokémon Center okémon Pokémon Sun and Moon Southern half A male Rising Star in the Pokémon Center offers to trade the player a Bounsweet named Bouncee.