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Can i install ddr3 ram on ddr4 slot

can i install ddr3 ram on ddr4 slot

DDR3.35.50.65 V, dDR4.05.20.35 V, stability, in DDR3 RAMs, a single voltage source is applied across the whole module.
Another number you'll see is the clock speed, which is how fast the RAM can read and write data.If you're in the market for more RAM, you might be wondering about the differences between DDR3 and DDR4 RAM, and whether or not they really matter to you.Subscribe TO OUR, newsletter, related Reading 2018 AddictiveTips.SEE also: nvidia G-Sync.DDR4 is a new generation RAM.Benchmarks While benchmarks are never legion bonus zones a true testament of real world performances, they do tend to give some idea about.They have different architechture, pin numbers, frequencies.Note: DDR stands for Double Data Rate.DDR4 RAM uses a lower voltage.Finally, Column Access Strobe latency, also known as CL, must be taken into consideration.DDR4 is much more expensive as a trade-off.Operating Voltage, power consumption is another aspect which manufacturers like to minimize, and thanks to the new DDR4 RAM, it works out quite well for them.
This, in turn, can cause a significant voltage drop, affecting stability.

Higher numbers on the label don't necessarily mean faster performance.Home, windows, when it comes to RAM, users think that more is better.AMD FreeSync: The Best Variable Refresh Rate Solution?Again, this isn't a huge difference if you're only buying one or two modules, but in instances where you need a lot of RAM, the cost can really add.Should we all be eager for Intel's next chipset to move us all to DDR4?As Anandtech found in some comprehensive benchmarks comparing DDR3 and DDR4, neither was a clear performance leader.That being said, the highest limit remains at 2133Mhz only.

While speaking in general terms, and motherboard built between the years 20 is likely to support DDR3 RAM, while models made after 2014 are more likely to support the DDR4 module.
DDR4 RAM, on the other hand, picks up where DDR3 left off, with the minimum clock speed set at 2133Mhz and no specific max value.