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Mass effect 3 infiltrator weight capacity or squad bonus

It fries shields and autohotkey blackjack synthetics, while also having a decent chance to stun organic enemies.
Finally, the Infiltrator's Sticky Grenade will wreck a great deal of havoc on enemies clustered together by Singularity.
The M-25 Hornet may also be a viable choice, although its recoil makes it difficult to handle.Their inventory is stacked with a wide variety of weapons, equipment, and powers.For those who enjoy getting a little closer to the enemy, but don't want to use a shotgun, the M-358 Talon is a wonderful weapon, acting as a shotgun, but with less weight to worry about.An interesting note: There is something along the lines of an "active reload" in the game, most notably with the Infiltrator and the Sniper rifles.The Infiltrator's default weapons-loadout is the bolt-action sniper rifle (such as the M-92 Mantis or M-98 Widow ) backed with any personal defense weapon of choice (usually an SMG Ultralight Materials equipped SMG) for close quarters combat situations (SMGs being considered superior backup weapons.If you can get close enough, try throwing a grenade on them.

If you're playing as a sniper, Liara is invaluable.Javik also has a very low recharge time for both said powers, allowing you to spam them effectively.As well as having this build in the multiplayer I also like playing with a shotgun build.It's not an exaggeration to say that one subverted turret will ruin any troopers, engineers, or Centurions that happen to be near.Fortunately you can take Energy Drain to strip their shields - or just shoot them.But other than the Mantis, these are all extremely heavy weapons which will severely restrict power use.This allows an Infiltrator to maneuver around enemy cover and deal damage in situations where a sniper rifle has a high chance of missing or being blocked by armor (which is particularly helpful against Cerberus.Donation Points system, this mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points.

Disruptor ammo helps remove shields and destroy synthetics, and sometimes stuns organic enemies.