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Nature pokemon sassy

Natures will give potential bonuses to every stat except for Hit Points.
Along with that though, you're going to have to decrease one of your other stats.For the Natu belonging to McKenzie, see.A Pokémon's Nature is displayed on the Pokémon's summary screen.First off, let me explain how nature values affect pokemon.À noter qu'il existe un total de 25 natures différentes.You may notice each Pokemon you catch will have a Nature in their stat menu.This guide points out how to use Nature Values effectively.A Pokémon's Nature is determined when it is generated by the game: when it is encountered in the wild, when it is obtained as an Egg, or when it is given to the player by a non-player character.
All moves are grouped into three categories: Attack, Defense (primarily status moves targeting the user and Support (primarily status moves targeting the opponent).
Sommaire, informations générales modifier, fonctionnement de la nature modifier, les natures peuvent avoir deux effets : un bonus et un malus : elles augmenteront une statistique de 10 et en diminueront une autre de 10 ; neutre : elles n'auront aucun effet sur les statistiques.

Special Attack, defense, quiet, special Attack Speed Rash Special Attack Special Defense Calm Special Defense Attack Careful Special Defense Special Attack Gentle Special Defense Defense Sassy Special Defense Speed Hasty Speed Defense Jolly Speed Special Attack Naive Speed Special Defense Timid Speed Attack Was this.In Generation V, this is part of their Trainer Card and affects what the player will say on others' games at the Unity Tower.If a Pokéblock is placed vinne penger i utlandet på oddsen in a feeder, all wild Pokémon encountered in tall grass and water tiles up to five steps away from the feeder will have a Nature such that, if an identical Pokéblock were thrown at it, the Pokémon would be enthralled.Its preferred flavor dominates its disliked flavor in the Pokéblock the feeder has no effect if no such Nature exists.Speed, modest, special Attack, attack, mild.La descendance aura alors une chance sur deux de recevoir osrs prayer bonus armor la nature de la mère.Pierre Stase au Pokémon femelle.Special Attack, lax, defense.Depuis, pokémon Or HeartGold et, argent SoulSilver, cette technique fonctionne également avec un parent mâle.In Generations III and IV, Nature is determined by the Pokémon's personality value.Attack Attack Dry Spicy 16 Mild.

Defense Sour Bitter 10 Timid Speed Attack Sweet Spicy 11 Hasty Speed Defense Sweet Sour 12 Serious 13 Jolly Speed.