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Pubg roulette strat

The hypeman can only use a pistol.
Switch It Up: Every time you kill someone, you have to switch your weapon that you used to kill them, with one of their weapons.Seal: Find a boat asap, no looting before finding it, then only travel in the boat and when you want to loot then you must keep your boat within viewing distance of the buildings you loot.(Once stationary any stance is allowed.WaddlestheDuck Designated Marksman: You take pride in your accuracy at long range, therefore you will not take any shots at targets closer than 300m because those are too easy.Codsauce Suppressed Only: Whichever suppressor you find first is now the only weapon you can use.No hiding/camping/staying in buildings except to loot.Avectum Pack Mule: One person can only carry meds and ammo, the others must protect him and get all the kills.Read More or, download APK pubg Strat Roulette kontrakt kortspill Description: The original pubg Strat Roulette, from the developer.Fuckboy: You can only loot fuckboy shacks.

Minimalism: You cannot use a backpack, chatty Kathy: You must use all voice chat and must tell players you will kill them before you.World War II: Kar98k, Double Barrel (S686 Pump Action (S1897 P1911, Revolver (R1895) only.Codsauce Bus Defense: Team must use VW vans as surrounding cover within last few circles.Pick Your Shots: You cannot carry more than one mag for each weapon at a time.Theoretically, the system that you use will influence the outcome of the game in your favor and will allow you have a profit, although in many cases it happens exactly the opposite.Find a gun and then hunt other players as fast as possible.Ali Hardcore: Disable the hud/UI (press control u first person only.