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Some of these blueprints will only be sold to you if you have earned a specific achievement.
Gladiator's Sanctum Enables Nemesis quests and eventually grants access to the Highmaul Coliseum PvP arena.If you only rely on your toto lotto games malaysia Garrison Cache for Garrison Resources generation, then you are looking at 144 Garrison Resources per day.Other Interesting Rewards.Enables the production of Alchemical Catalysts through Work Orders.If you have more than 20 active followers, then you need to deactivate some, until you are left with only 20 active followers.Eventually raises your follower limit to 25 and allows pok meaning you to change the guards and banners of your Garrison.The Stables is also an option.The bosses and the items needed to summon them are: Defeating all these bosses grants you the Master and Commander achievement.Storehouse Enables access to bank, guild bank, void storage, and transmogrifier.After Upgrading to Town Hall Level 3 After you unlock additional building plots with your Town Hall Level 3, you need to look for buildings that are actually useful to you.
It then take them 1 day to properly reactivate.

Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge Allows the creation of up to 3 portals to Draenor zones.Large Buildings Name Explanations Barracks Unlock Patrol follower missions, which reward more follower experience than regular missions.There, you can find information about them: what abilities/traits they have and where you can recruit them.Garrison missions allow you to get gear of item level higher than the difficulty you are currently running (for example, Heroic raiders can get Mythic gear).Name Explanations Herb Garden Allows you to obtain Draenor herbs from your Garrison.For more information about invasions, we refer you to our Garrison Invasion guide.First Large Building Your first Large building has to be the Barracks, because you need to build them to progress through the introductory quest poke botafogo line.Invasions happen after you have killed a high number of mobs from a Draenor enemy faction: Botani, Goren, Iron Horde, Ogre, Shadow Council, and Shadowmoon Clan.Table of Contents, garrisons play a major role in Warlords of Draenor.As of Patch.1, changing your outpost allows you to do the quest line associated with it (and earn extra followers).Small Buildings Name Explanations Salvage Yard Allows you to get Salvage Crates from missions, which greatly help gearing up your followers.
Completing all 6 relic quests grants you the Master Relic Hunter achievement, which is required for Don't Call Me Junior, the meta-achievement that grants you Harrison Jones as a follower (the other required achievement used to be Exploration Mission Master ).

Allows you to obtain crafting reagents in exchange for Garrison Resources.
Your Garrison has building plots of different sizes and a Small building can only be placed in a Small building plot, a Medium building can only be placed in a Medium building plot, and a Large building can only be placed in a Large building.